Monday, December 24, 2012

Legos, books,

Hey all!

So I was wondering if anyone out there wanted to donate an item or two for our children in Uganda! 

There are a couple of things that I would just love to give to our boys this coming winter and I was wondering if anyone out there wanted to help? These are the items that David and I would love to bring back to the boys...

Legos The boys, especially in our younger boys home just LOVE to build, experiment and tinker around! If they find anything thrown away with a chord or a battery attached to it they begin tinkering and just can't stop! I would love to be able to give them some legos as I just know they would have a blast!

Children's books, with pictures: The children in our homes and street programs just LOVE to be read to! If you have a children's book, especially a short one with photos for children 8-15 years of age to enjoy, the boys would love it! We will read it to the kids not only in our homes but in our street programs too! After reading the books in our children's home we will then give them to another children's home for their kids. 

Puzzles, flash cards or card games: Because the kids in our homes are used to being on the streets all day where they can zone with drugs or sit in movie halls all day, we love to give the kids interactive things to do when they come into our home.  Our boys LOVE to play!

David and I will be leaving the States in late Feb. if you are wanting to send/donate an item, can you please send it by that time? The address is: 

Abby and David Kakeeto
6912 SW 67th Ave
Portland, OR 97223

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