Friday, December 21, 2012

street child prayer request


Name : Kanyerezi Patrick

Age    : 9 years

 I live on streets, the things I like most are playing soccer, riding a bicycle and I enjoy eating rice and chicken. The reason as to  why I ended up on the streets is that my mom divorced my dad. My dad is a drunk, he would always be drinking and then he would come home and beat me. My mother left him because he beat her too much. I then lived with my stepmom who also mistreated me. She used to deny me food, gave me heavy punishments like fetching water and I had no time to play with my fellow children. One day my dad was very angry and was trying to kill me using a machete so I left home and came to the streets. I cannot go back home.  My prayer request is,  I would like you to pray for me to go back to school and make sure I finish school in order to get a good job so that one day I can be able to help other street children.

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