Friday, June 20, 2014

Great job Dissan!

Dissan when we resettled him with his grandma (in Uganda people don't always smile for pics)
Street children are sure a complicated bunch. They are cute and scrappy, but the longer I work with them the more I realize how very different their reasons for being on the street are and how each one has a unique need for what they need to get off of the street. For many their families have abused and abandoned them. Some got lost in Kampala when visiting a relative. For others, their families were poor and  they came to the streets in hope of finding a way to go back to school.

Dissan is a boy that we resettled home with his grandmother last February. He had run away from home, where he had been staying with his grandmother simply because there was no money for school fees and he really wanted to study. We paid his school fees, provided him with school supplies and started a  "pig project" to keep him busy and to also give him a way in the future to be able to pay for his own school fees.

Recently we went back to visit him and to pay his school fees again and provide him with his needed school supplies, as his piglets are still too young to be sold.

Dissan with some of his school supplies

Dissan is doing great at home! He is loving school and enjoys being with and helping to take care of his grandmother. He was overjoyed when we came to visit and to pay his school fees again. He is taking great care of his pigs! Below is a short video we took of him when we went to visit

Dissan showing us his pig pen

His piglets

It brings so much joy to my heart to see the beaming face of a street child that was able to successfully get off of the streets and reunited with his family!

 On another note, please be praying for the street children in our street outreach programs. There is a man named Isma who keeps coming and horribly beating the children at night, especially the smaller boys. Boys have been beaten too badly to walk and with belt welts infected across their backs. Please pray that God will change his heart.