Sunday, December 30, 2012

Congratulations Peter!

Peter at work!

Here is Peter Muwonge, the first API graduate from our forever homes!!!

Peter is such a sweet kid, he is steady and hardworking, with a perpetual "deer in the headlights" expression (that I love!) Although he was the oldest and largest boy in our home. He never used his strength to get what he wanted but instead was a quite role model for the other boys. He had a heart for service and for medicine.

Older street kids have a very hard time because people do not want to hire them for decent work and homes don't want to bring them in.

 Although I had never intended to have older boys in the home, I continually thank God for bringing Peter and the other older boys in our home because they have brought so much stability, especially for the younger kids.

A year ago he did a terrific job translating for a dental clinic that we put on and he would come for his school holidays to help do the first aid at our street programs.

Peter is 19 and because he missed so much schooling, he still has 5 years of high school left. However, his dream is to be doctor. We recently talked to him about graduating from the home and going into a vocational school. We told him however, if he was really serious about becoming a doctor, we could hire him to work and he could continue going to school. We told him it wouldn't be an easy option but that he was determined and smart enough to do it. He told us he would think about it.

 A couple days later he told me he wanted to talk to me about something and he took me aside to tell me, "I have thought about it and I have decided that I don't want to give up my dream of being a doctor. I want to work and continue going to school."

He finished school last semester, his last semester of school at the Forever Homes. He scored very high in his class and after it he went on a mission trip to Karamoja with another boy in the home, Kaeteregga Derrik and one of our uncles, Peter. They were able to preach the Good News to MANY people and Peter came back and told me stories about praying for people and about the people that accepted Christ into their hearts. He had a great trip and says he wants to go on more mission trips to share about Christ.

After coming back from his mission trip, Peter started working at our Volunteer House as a security guard so that he can continue school. Peter is saving a large portion of his salary each month, and after 5 years, when he graduates college, he will have enough money to put him through

Irene interviewed Peter a few days ago about his new job and his future plans and this is what he said...

"I was on the street for one year and I started attending the street program activities where I met Abby and David and the rest of the team. I was taken into the home where I have been for four years while studying and I learned a lot of things especially about God's love, care and protection which I did not see while I was with my parents.

I have graduated and am working at the Volunteer House, am happy with my work because the nature of the job am doing is not against God's will and it encourage me to save. The idea of saving I got it from Uncle David when he told me the importance of saving which was interesting.

My future plans are, to become a doctor so that I can be able to help many people as much as I can, I want to preach good news about Christ and also build homes for those in need like street children. I would also want to become a leader in any ministry.

My prayer request is to complete my studies successfully, being righteous with God, achieve all my goals, not forgetting God where He has brought me and I want to be exemplary to others."

We are so proud of you Peter!

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  1. I was so blessed as your shared A Perfect Injustice at Moon Valley today. I will be sponsoring Boaz and am excited to become more involved in your amazing ministry.
    Becky Capps