Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Briggan and Howarli Prayer Requests

We were trying to take prayer requests each week by asking the kids in a group, but it wasnt working as well since they got kind of goofy so we decided each week to take out two children, talk with them, find out what they would like people to pray for them for, pray for them, and then send the requests on to you all! Here are the prayer requests for last week:

1. Briggan Mabilizi asks people to pray for him to be able to survive, grow up and be able to have a job so that he can provide for himself and so that he doesnt have to stay on the streets. He also asked if we can pray for him that he can get off of the streets and go back to school, he loves to learn and misses school a lot, he also sees it as a way to get a job when he grows up. 

2. Senyendo Howarli asks if we can pray for him about going home. He wants to go home but he is nervous and does not know how he will be received. We are going to take him back home (because that is what he wants) but his family are alchoholics and do not take care of him. He lived with an aunt who he is hoping to be resettled with. His dad passed away, he was knocked by a car and killed but he was in the army. Because Howarli's  dad was a soldier he would like for people to pray for him so that he can go back to school, study, and also become a soldier and protect people like his father did. It is never easy to resettle children home with their families because children never run away from a great family, they are always running away from something at home, and sometimes taking them back can be extremely painful for us, and for them. Please pray that the family will repent and be able to properly love and take care of their child. 

The last boy that we resettled with his family last week, was kicked back out of the home, they refused to feed him and told him to return to the streets since he was able to survive there without being a burden to his family.