Saturday, April 7, 2012

another loss

One of the ladies in our programs, Mama Cook has an 18 year old son who was brought to prison by his father. Mama Cook used to be Muslim and was one of many wives, when she became a Christian she left that marriage. When she left it meant that her husband remained with everything, including her children. Her son was going through a rebellious stage and his father took him to prison. He was just recently shot by the police there and killed. Of course, all of the women from our programs went with Mama Cook to her sons burial out in the village. I was unable to go because I was sick but Gina, one of our volunteers was able to go. When they got there, the father refused Mama Cook and her relatives from seeing the body and buried the boy without her. As soon as the body was buried the father made an announcement saying that he had paid the police officers to shoot and kill his son. Mama Cook of course fell down in grief. Not only did she lose her oldest son, but she was unable to see his body and was spitefully told at his funeral that his own father ordered his death. The women in our programs have gone through so much and continue to battle with the world that is constantly trying to pull them down. Please keep Mama Cook in your prayers. 

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  1. I am praying for Y'all! So very sad to hear about the losses! Janet