Friday, April 6, 2012

Patrick Bale

Hey all, 

A boy in our street children programs, Patrick Bule who is around 13 years old died last night. He was climbing a building looking for scraps of metal when something scared him and he fell off. He fell onto a piece of metal sticking up and impaled himself. He was found by police hours later when he was already dead. He died alone. 

It is always difficult for other street kids when one of their friends dies, I think because it again makes them realize how vulnerable they are and disrupts yet another attachment. We were able to contact the parents but they said that they want nothing to do with the child, they dont even want to help in digging the grave to bury him. There response was that he caused to much trouble at home and they don't want to know anything about him or what happened to him. We are getting the body out of the mortuary today and then we (us leaders and around 100 other street kids) will be burying him in his village a little over 2 hours from town. 

Please pray that God will comfort the hearts of the other street children and use this experience to draw them to him. It is devastating how much these kids go through and yet still remain the amazing kids that they are. Please pray that God will continue to rescue them and bring them off of the street and that we will have the energy, wisdom, health, love and patience to do what we can as well to help these beautiful and hurting kids. 

Love and God bless

Abby and David

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