Monday, September 10, 2012

Update on Moses

Hey all, soo... since some of you have been asking for an update, Moses is doing wonderfully! He went back to school last week and has just settled in so well to his Forever Home and his Forever Family! We love having him with us, he is SUCH a sweet child! Here are a few pictures of him from the last week! 

Moses on his new bed 

Moses Painting
Moses Painting

Moses painting a picture
Moses jumping on the trampoline

Juggling the soccer ball like a champ!

And also, the boy that we brought into the home before Moses, Ibra (nicknamed Engineer) is also doing great! Here are a few photos of him!

Ibra getting off of the swing

Ibra (with medicine on, he got chicken pox)

Ibra with his new watergun (thanks  Lauren!) blasting away Uncle Peter

Thanks Lauren for all of the pics! 

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  1. Love seeing the pictures of Moses and Ibra! Thank You for the update! Thank You for the work You, David and your staff do! Janet