Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day In The Life Of A Street Child, In Pictures

These pictures were taken by Michael Godbold as a glimpse into the life of a street child...

One of the entrances to Kivulu Slum, are programs are just to the right of this picture

Kivulu, Grace Fellowship Church, where our programs are is the structure on the right with different colors of sheet metal
Street kids hanging out at a local "pool hall"

Street kids gambling

A street child selling his scraps of metal that he has collected. Street children either collect metal or plastic bottles for money to survive

Older street boys selling "scrap electronics"

The electronics for sale
Selling mira, a local drug that is chewed
Place where street kids sell the bottles and scrap metal that they collect, it is weighed on a scale and purchased by the kilo

One boy hanging out as his two friends take naps below him

A street child huffing chenge
Uncle Abbey and Sabote, huffing chenge (an aviation fuel)

A boy bathing his legs at a pipe in a canal in Kivulu
A street child collect scrap in the evening. Street children collect scraps early in the morning and in the evening as their is less people around

A street child going through garbage for bottles and perhaps something to eat
Street kids at a local movie hall watching movies

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  1. Praying that God will provide a way for these Precious Treasures! Janet