Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Update on Kato

 It's hard to believe that Kato, the boy who was so sad and miserable on the streets, who went through so terribly much is the same boy in the home now. Kato doesn't stop smiling- ever. Not since he came home. 

For so many kids, most, the streets make them hard. The longer they are on the streets the more they fight, the more they act out, and the harder they are to reach. Kato suffered a lot on the streets and was unable to go back home.  He got sick with malaria and typhoid, he was bitten by dogs and slept outside in the cold. I can't imagine how the streets wouldn't make you tough, you would have to be to survive! But God transformed his life, he was on the streets close to 7 years and has come out of it as one of the sweetest children that I know. He loves to play and he LOVES to smile, he has a huge heart. Kato Charles is a miracle. He is a boy that challenges me and has taught me so much about the goodness of God and his power to transform lives!

Last weekend

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  1. What a beautiful testimony! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for Abi, David, and the staff! Janet