Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kids of the Street

Here are some prayer requests from some sweet kids in our programs

Katamba Hakim, left his home because when his dad remarried his step mom, she would beat him, make him work, fetch water, and clean the house. She would not let him go to school and when played with his friends she wouldn’t feed him. He has been on the streets for one year. He sleeps outside; when he can’t get enough money to eat he eats from the trash, he collects scraps of metal to sell but when the owners find him they beat him. He grew up in Bombo Village. He wants prayer to be able to go back to school and to find a home. He is nine years old. He enjoys cleaning the vehicles in Wandageya. 


Robert Musinoguz, left home because his dad was always drunk and he would tie him up to beat him. He has been on the streets for 3 years. On the streets the police men arrest and take him to prison without a reason. He grew up in Katanga, Kampala. He is 12 years old. He wants prayer so he can go back to school. He wants people to pray for his safety. He likes collecting bottles and selling them.

Santongo Richard, left home because his step mother was a drunk and would burn him with metal cables. He has been on the streets for 2 years. On the streets he has been beaten and by older people and they take his stuff. He grew up in Kisasi, Kampala. He is 13 years old. A few months ago he drank acid by accident and came to our programs with a white, burned mouth, shaking and extremely sick. We rushed him to the hospital where the doctors said he would need an immediate operation. The next day, before he was going to be operated on, they put a camera back down his throat for a final check and found that he no longer need it. We  praise God for healing Richard! Richard sometimes goes by the nickname now of acid because of the incident.  He wants prayer to find a home. He likes to go to the Kikubo to get food.

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