Friday, July 6, 2012

Street Boys Resettled and Prayed Over

Resettling Two Street Boys

I.               AppleMarkName: Lyagoba, Faizo
II.              Age: 17 years
III.            Why did you run away from home?
My mother and father died, which left me
with only a grandmother. She did not support
my schooling or living situation such as basic
needs of food and care. It was not good. I was
an only child because the other children died,
so no one could help take care of me. So I
ran away and lived on the streets of Jinja.
Then I lived at Child Restoration Organization,
then came to Kampala.
IV.           Why do you want to go back home now?
I ant to return home so I can go back to
school and learn.
V.             How do you feel about going home?
I am feeling good. I am excited about going to school.
VI.           What is something you have learned from the uncles that you will never forget?
API has helped me and given me guidance. I will remember Auntie Abby reading to us in the street program.
VII.          Is there anything else you want to say?
I want to thank God to bless API so much so they can help other children. May God bless Auntie Abby so much. And I want to be a pastor.
VIII.        Resettlement Summary from Auntie Lauren
Uncle Eddy and I took Faizo to be resettled back home in Jinja, a 3 hour taxi bus ride from Kampala. Once we arrived in Jinja, he told us he had left clothing with someone before coming to Kampala so he wanted to go there first. We were taken to the Child Restoration Organization of Jinja. They gave us background information on Faizo about trying to resettle him with his very elderly grandmother and that it had not been successful. We chose to take him because that is what we had promised. We arrived at his home in the village about 2 hours later. We arrived at his home via boda boda and there was intense conversation among the very frail grandmother, two uncles, an auntie, Uncle Eddy, and the boda boda driver. They talked about how Faizo would come home and then disappear over and over. So Faizo agreed to tell his family when he was leaving the home, and they agreed to keep him.
Uncle Eddy with Ashilaf (left) and Faizo (right)
IX.           Please continue to pray for Faizo and his family.

I.               AppleMarkName: Muhammad, Ashilaf
II.              Age: 14 years old
III.            Why did you run away?
I ran away to go to Kampala. My father was
beating me. (We later found out that his older
brother had seen a boda boda driving by and
he told his brother he should get on and go live
the “good life” in Kampala. So he simply did.)
IV.           Why do you want to go back home now?
I want to go back home so I can study.
V.             How are you feeling about going home today?
VI.           Do you want to say anything else?
May God bless you.
VII.          Resettling Summary From Auntie Lauren
What a blessing this resettlement turned out to be! Our bus left Kampala for the Ashilaf’s hometown of Mbale around 8:30 am. We arrived in Mbale around 2pm. After arriving in Mbale we are told it will be an hour-long boda boda ride to his home out in the village. Once we arrived, we found that Ashilaf’s family welcomed him with open arms! The mother said she had been crying every day for the past 4 weeks since he's been missing, and she was so thankful for our street program and that we brought him home! When Ashilaf was convinced to run away by his older brother, he took a boda boda 45 minutes into town, somehow a taxi bus to Jinja (3 hours away) and then walked from Jinja to Kampala (2-2.5 drive on bus). The family and community was very thankful to have young Ashilaf back home and showed their appreciation to API by sending Uncle Eddy and I back to Kampala with a chicken! The API team enjoyed it at a team meeting the following evening.
VIII.        Please continue to pray for Ashilaf. While in his family’s home I noticed several things that indicated Muslim roots. Please pray that he remembers what he was taught at the API street program. I gave him a small Gideon New Testament and I know that the Word is a living thing and can have tremendous power!


And we will end with some prayer requests that were taken by Auntie Lauren and Uncle Abdul after the street program today: 

 Moses Namisi: Pray that Moses can return to school. He really wants to be in school, but if the boys do not have a home they cannot be in school. Moses has no relatives. His father raised him alone but left Moses to move to Sudan. He also had a grandfather but the grandfather left him as well. Pray that Moses can be able to join a good boys’ home and be able to attend school again.

 Kato Charles: Kato also wants to return to school and study. His favorite subject is
Mathematics. He is unable to go home because of some bad things that have happened in the past. Kato is also hoping to be able to join a boys’ home or that someone will choose to sponsor him so he can continue his studies.  


Thank you all for everything you do in supporting us here at API. May you be blessed for your generosity. -Lauren

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