Thursday, June 28, 2012


From Harriet, the beautiful woman who came into the Hope House, hopeless and convinced that God hated her. I am in awe of the work that God has done in these ladies lives! Only He can mend broken hearts!

Tuhaise “Hariet”

How are you:
Thankful for the Lord to keep me and my 3 children well.

How are your children:
They are fine. The boys were in a village school last year
and are struggling to adjust to the city school.  I am
praying that God enables me to put the older son
James (11) to the boarding school because he is so
stubborn. Henry (7) is still struggling, but he is trying so
hard to write. My daughter Maureen (3.5) is very sharp
and doing well. She is starting to try and speak English.

What type of business are you hoping to open when you
graduate from the program:
I want to have a retail shop. I will sell sugar, rice, posho, and other basics so that customers will have to come to my shop every day.

What is something you will never forget that you have learned in the past 2 years?
That I have been loved and been given love.

Is there anything else you want to share?
I thank God for brining me out of where I was and for giving me love. Jesus called people and some refused. Many friends had been asking me to go to church for a long time, but I refused. Now I am so thankful that I have accepted God’s love. I know that it is only God who is sustaining my family and I have faith in Him.

I am thankful for your love and for helping me. I am praying for you.

How can people continue to pray for you?
Please also pray for the father of my children who is very sick. He does not live with us, but I am always praying for him because he is sick. Please also pray for my father because he is an alcoholic. My mother and I are both HIV positive and need prayer.

Also, I want you to help me pray for my neighbors who are not in church. Before I was in church, I had a neighbor who was persistent in asking me to come to church. I go to church now and it is my job to be persistent with my neighbors.

* * * * * * * 

I am so proud of the ladies in the Hope House and rejoice in all that God is doing in their lives. This week (and next) we are teaching them different things they can cook, the way I see it, the more skills that they have, the better. Thus far they have learned pudding, french toast, fried okra, cooked apples, spaghetti, and garlic toast (thanks for your help Lauren!) Next week we are moving on to baking! 
Thank you to everyone has poured into these ladies, for every "drop" you have given into their lives, to the countless people that bought their jewelry, shared a bible study with them, painted their nails or just gave them a hug! It has been a large amount of drops of love and truth and help that have filled them up and that God has used to get them where they are today. Thank you everyone!

Teaching French Toast


  1. I am so proud of Hariet and all the Hope House ladies! I hope they will continue to use all they have learned and continue to seek the face of Jesus after they graduate. What an amazing group of women! Thank you, Abby for your love and dedication.

  2. What a testimony! I will pray for Harriet and the ladies of Hope House. Janet