Monday, July 16, 2012

Just love.

A few pictures from when I first got to know Monday while he was still on the streets, he positively captured my heart.... 

Monday is the boy on my lap

Monday is the one in light pink

Monday today

Monday Bogere. I can't ever forget that name. Why? Because the first time I met him he had carved the name deep into the inside of his arm. Because the first time I saw him in Kisenyi slum, I saw the saddest pair of big brown eyes that I had ever seen. Why? Because I knew that He needed love and I felt God pushing me straight towards him. Why? Because after moments of meeting him, I knew that he had never been safe and loved before and that just maybe, I could be the first person that he loved and trusted in his life.

I fought for that child. As much as he pushed me away I tried my best to show him that it didn't matter, that I loved him regardless. Over time, love won.

I cried so many tears over Monday. Tears of pain for his hurting heart. For the fact that he lived on the streets. For the fact that he went to bed cold and hungry and high every night. And then... one day God allowed me to be able to take him off of the streets.

 There are just some people that you know God always intended that you should meet. People that God had to add a few things to your history, personality, etc- so that the day you met them, you could share the same heart language, you could have a connection of the heart.  Monday and I may not have the same history but we have that connection. Monday is loyal to the core. He defends, and protects, and spends time with people that he loves. (This is one story of many) one time someone said that I had eyes like a doll and Monday became so upset at this that he went into a fit (and since then he has come quite far in handling strong emotions) he was so upset that someone would insult me that he felt he needed to protect me.

Monday may not fling his arms wide open to everyone that he meets, but once you are in his heart, you are there to stay. I love that about him. I love how brave he is, loving, and passionate.

 If the only life God ever allowed me to able to help was Monday Bogere, and I died today, I would be happy. I really would.

Monday is growing up so much and so quickly! I used to be able to put my chin on the top of his head. Now, he is an inch and a half taller than me (and counting!) He is so muture and has developed a heart for helping others, (women and children) for protecting, and doing the right thing. I am so very proud of him.

We have been trying to get together files with all the, "basic information" for the boys. Uncle Peter was asking all of the boys where they were from, their parents, etc- When he asked Monday (who has always refused to mention anything about his family of origin or background) he said that he did not know the names of his parents and that he had no biological family. When Peter kept asking him he said, "If you are really have to know, I will tell you the truth. My mother is named Abigail Kakeeto and my father is David Kakeeto. I come from Phoenix Arizona."

My heart felt like bursting when I heard that. Quite obviously Monday has a painful past and that kills me, but it makes me so happy that he knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has a home, a forever home, and a family that he can trust, that love him and won't leave him. That he can be so confident of that that he can claim it. From devotions and other things that he says he has also internalized the most important truth the he has a Heavenly Father that also loves him and who will never, ever leave him.

I don't know what I ever did for God to allow me to live the life that I do, I know it is simply His gift,  and I thank Him for it.

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  1. And I Thank You and the staff of A.P. I.! I know today is Umaru's Birthday! i sent an e-mail Blessings to you! Janet