Saturday, April 5, 2014

The best part...

Without a doubt, my favorite part of the week is church on Sunday!

After a hard week, there is nothing that fills my heart with more joy than watching our boys get dressed and translate, sing and dance and just worship the Lord! Watching boys that had lived such terrible lives on the streets looking so handsome and smart and just, well,  happy make my heart want to burst with joy!

A few highlights of church are:

-Little Richard and Aaron tucking their button down shirts up to mid-rib cage into their slacks and walking around like mini business men.

-Big 'ol Monday coming up with crazy dance moves in the choir at church and watching all the small boys around him do their best to copy them (this happens every single Sunday)

-Yusuf  translating in his African outfit.

-Amos leading praise and worship regardless of his singing abilities but simply based on his love of praising the Lord!

-Watching members from our community come and also learn of the love of the Lord! Last month we had 7 community members accept Christ into their hearts and many more attending church with us!

I posted a video here where you can watch ALL of these things play out! Sorry that it is not the best quality!

Lots of love!

Abby K.

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