Saturday, April 5, 2014


Dear Friends,
While you’re experiencing a change of seasons in America, we’re also experiencing changes here at A Perfect Injustice. To begin with, March marked the launch of our new programs in Nateete Kutaano! In the past month, we have held street program in Kutaano once a week, seeing an increase in boys every week. Starting with 35 children, we’re now seeing nearly 50 children every outreach; we expect to regularly serve even more in the near future, as we begin holding our outreaches in the slum three times a week in the month of April!

As we move into Kutaano, we have decided to transition out of Makerere Kivulu, the slum we’ve called our home for the last 6 years. While a difficult choice, we’re feeling God’s hand guiding us through this transition. Since beginning work in Kivulu in 2008, we have seen God work wonder upon wonder. Starting with the 14 boys in our first home, located in the heart of Kivulu, we have successfully brought more than 35 boys into our homes. Just as amazingly, we’ve conducted 100 successful home resettlements, reuniting street children with their biological families and communities. Our partnership with Grace Fellowship Church has been a blessing for us and for them, and we’re continuing to help sponsor their own boys’ home.

In the past month alone, we have conducted 2 home resettlements and served over 200 meals to the street children of Kivulu, children who otherwise wouldn’t be eating. When we started, no other ministries were working toward the redemption of street children in Kivulu; by God’s grace, Kivulu today hosts several excellent ministries working toward that end. While it’s hard saying goodbye to the boys we’ve come to know and love, we’ve fulfilled our commission to Kivulu and God is moving us to exciting new frontiers.

Being the first ministry to reach the street children of Kutaano, we’ve found these kids even hungrier. In just 3 street outreaches, we served over 120 meals to the children of Kutaano. Kutaano’s children are a special group; they are young, drug-free, and full of potential. They’ve already become active participants in the street program, becoming friends with uncles and aunts alike. The meals we provide these children are essential to attracting them to the program, and this is especially true in drawing new children. Please be praying for the boys and ministries continuing Kivulu, as well as the new relationships that are forming in Kutaano. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We look forward to introducing you to our new boys!

While we’re saying goodbye to the children in Kivulu, we would appreciate if you would join us in prayer for the new programs and for this time of transition. Please also pray for David and I as there is so much going on and many big decisions that we need to make and things are feeling a little overwhelming. 

We love you all! Thank you so very much for joining hands with us in this ministry!

God bless

Abby and David K.

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