Saturday, March 30, 2013

Back in Uganda, (the photos were taken by Rachael Ryckman)

Sorry I haven't updated in such a long time. I think I was waiting to write a truly outstanding or interesting blog, but I have decided to simply write some of the little things that have been going on

The boys going into the d-house are doing well! They are working hard and have already saved up a good chunk of money! Caitlyn has been giving driving lessons to all of the boys, (which has been super fun to sit in on) and very interesting, it turns out that the boys personalities are REALLY reflected in their driving! Sadic, who has been working the hardest in the d-house, has also been doing the best at driving, he is seriously amazing, parked perfectly his first time parking in reverse and parallel parking. As a reward for how hard he has been working and what a good and honest kid he is, we are going to put him into driving school, so that he can be the driver for our bakery and deliver the bread in town! As Dirissa (who is also in the d-house) and I were serving as human cones for Sadic as he was driving, Dirissa was telling me about how he is going to treat his wife kindly and how one day he will teach his son and his daughter how to drive too. =-)

Thanks to the encouragement of my mom and sister I got a crockpot and have actually really really enjoyed being able to use it through the week, it makes my whole life easier! We have also started a couples bible study and game/prayer night at our home on Thursdays with other couples and it has been a really fun time of play, encouragement and fellowship with other couples!

We are also in the rainy season. It is great for the crops but hard on street children since it is so cold and wet at night.  

 It is also great to be back with my dog Bear. For anyone that doesn't know, I love animals (always have) and about a year ago we got a Rottweiler named Bear for security since we kept getting broken into. He has been the best dog ever and super theraputic for me, whenever I have a hard day because of something heartbreaking happening to a child or children that I love, Bear is always there to sit with me patiently and help to calm me and cheer me up. He is great with the boys and they love it when we bring him, they are constantly asking me when I am bringing Bear to the homes to see them. Plus, all of our break-ins stopped as soon as we brought him home! We heard our neighbors being broken into, but no longer are we the target. Daniel's House (the new home with our younger boys) are especially in love with dogs. Today I got a couple of letters taking about Bear/dogs but in one the boy kept taking about how much heloves dog, that his favorite color is dog, that he loves that he in and I both have in common that we love dogs,  and then he drew a picture of Bear with a heart around it.

I have been really overwhelmed as to which child we should bring into our home next. The boys here are doing so well, and it is such a big change bringing in a new child, plus so hard to decide which boy in our street programs is going to be safe and stable to the other boys in our home.  Last night in devotions I was again praying that God would guide me as to the next child to bring into our family. After devotions were over Caitlyn came up to me and told me about a new boy that was at the street programs on Friday (I was at the children's homes and not in Kampala) she said that he was named Emma and was 7 years old. His parents had dumped him in the slum and left and although the police had looked into it,  it is obvious that they are not coming back. I am praying really really hard about this little boy and can hardly stand to wait until Monday when I will get to meet him in our programs.

I guess that's about it! 
Lots of love!


Some photos from the street programs

Because the boys in our homes have been so good we took them swimming at the lake as a reward! 

Shafik showing off the fish he just bought

Adorable little Reagan, yes, he is as sweet as he looks!

It was beautiful!

Ibra and Bob with Bear. All of the boys are in love with Bear, but especially Ibra

Paul and Peter having a blast, so happy to see Peter laughing! Praise God!

Bear being coaxed in by Enoch Bossa in front of him

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