Friday, March 1, 2013

Meet Bashir!


Bashir making bricks

If you ask Bashir what he wants to be when he grows up, he will say an evangelist. It is
obvious that the Lord has always had His hand on this young man.

“At home my father would beat me and tell me to fetch water in cans that were too big
for me as a young boy. There was a church near my home and I had always felt deep
inside that I wanted to be a Christian, but my father was a Muslim. He would cane me
and yell, “Why do you want to be a Christian?” It was difficult at home so I went to the
streets instead. I had no hope, but I trusted God. I struggled because I had little food,
couldn’t sleep, and there were bad guys that beat me every night. I thank God that I
never used any drugs during that time.

“After a few months, I met Auntie Abby and began attending the API program. She
wanted to resettle me, but my father beat me and kicked me out of the house for being
a Christian. He told me I was stupid and useless and he never wanted to see me again.
Auntie Abby took me into the Forever Home and we celebrated with a party. It was so

The Lord has placed within Bashir a wonderful heart for the unreached, and he recently
went on a mission trip to the Congo. He said his favorite part of the trip was preaching
the Gospel and praying with those who had never heard the Word of God before. Bashir
also has a love of music. Besides being a pastor, he hopes that God enables him to use
his music abilities to share the Gospel with others. Bashir's plans are to be an electrical engineer so that he can have a flexible schedule and be able to also provide his own way to evangelize to others, including people in Congo. 

 Bashir is now working to build and move into the discipleship house, the two year mentoring and vocational program as he is preparing to grow up and launch out on his own. We are so very proud of his gentle and kind heart that he has completely given to God!  (this interview was taken from Lauren Taylor who wrote an article about Bashir and her time in API and in Uganda, thanks Lauren!)

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  1. Congratulations to Bashir! What a beautiful story of redemption!