Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Yes it is the same boy!

Enoch in blue at home!


Enoch Bossa our newest addition

Enoch Bossa

Enoch Bossa in blue

Enoch is doing very well at home! It is hard bringing him home when we are so very far away but I thought I would share an email that Irene sent me on how he is doing:
"Dear Abby and David,

 Here are some of the pictures of Enoch Bossa in Daniels House, he is very happy, he told me he did not except that he 
can feel loved and cared, he said this is the home I always dreamed of and he told me to tell you and David, " thank you
sooooooooooo much", he is looking forward seeing you here in Uganda.

Enoch started schooling and he is doing great and I think he will not find it hard to pass because he loves God and schooling
as well, of all the boys he is the only one who can wash his clothes and get cleaned well, he is amazing."

Please also continue to pray for the other Enoch in our home (we now have to Enochs. Enoch Bossa who just came in and Enoch Wabulembo). Enoch Wabulembo is having a really hard time and needs a lot of prayer right now! 

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