Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Enoch is home

Enoch at the street children programs

I had been hearing about a little boy named Enoch for  (not the cutie-pie in our home, "another one") for a couple of days and getting some subtle hints from friends that he would be, "GREAT for the home". One day I heard that he had come to the programs. He had touched a transformer box and had been severely electrocuted. He was swaggering around when one of our uncles, Lawrence found him. He brought him to the programs where Amy treated his badly burned hand and his head (where the electricity exited). We quickly fell in love with him and wanted to bring him into our home. However, before we could he went missing. 

He keeps going missing and we have been praying for him and looking for him for a long time. Every night David and I have been praying that God would bring him home to us.

We finally found him again a week again, but after asking about his home, he thought we might take him home against his will and this really scared him and so he went into hiding.  Our uncles went everywhere in the slums looking for him.  We wanted to tell him we weren't going to force him to go anywhere and we  simply bring him into our forever homes. After about a week he decided to trust us and came back to the programs.

Two days ago they found Enoch and we were able to bring him home!  We are rejoicing that after searching for him for such a long time, God finally led him home and that he is now a part of our family.

Working with street children it is always about, "the one". Seeing children one by one, listening to them, one by one. Watching a heart wake up, one child at a time.

 It is through relationship, and trust, and sacrifice, and that can only be done, one child at a time. Not through numbers but through relationship.

 Enoch was just one street child. One child of the many in our programs. He was just one child of many arrested that day, one child of many being held in a cell and finding a way to escape. But to God and to us he is precious, loved and now, he is family. He is like that lost sheep, the one that was sought for until it was found.

 I am praying that God will continue to make it possible for us to bring more children home that have none and to open our eyes to see like He sees.

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