Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Simeon and I at camp when he was still staying on the streets

Simeon on the street

Simeon at home

Tried to get a smile, this was the closest we got! We'll get there!

Ibra, Simeon and Bob

Meet Simeon the newest addition to our family!

I will admit that it took a long time before I noticed Simeon in our street programs. He was so quite and always slipped in behind the scenes.  He never fought or tried to get his way but stayed at peace with others, mostly by being quiet.

I don't think that I have ever met any child as shut down as him. It was hard to simply draw out what his "real" names were. He had given several names to David that didn't quite match up and it took a long, slow conversation to discover which names were ones he had give himself, others had given him, and his mother had given him when he was born. It was the same trying to find out what his history was and to figure out the clear path of any of his memories. 

Simeon was on the streets for over two years.

I think that the most exciting part of bringing Simeon home is going to be watching how Christ, love and safety "draw him out". I am so excited to see the boy that God created him to be!

Also, Junior and Hakim are doing great! Sweetest, cutest things ever!

Hakim celebrating his birthday for the first time

Hakim at home

Love these boys!

Ibra M., Ibra W., Junior and Bob

Monady, Kato, Sadic and Shafik, they are getting so tall!

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