Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome Home!

Mama Joyce praying with the boys before bringing them home


Reagan at home!


Solomon at home

Blowing out the candles at their party

We gave our wild dog Flint to the boys, Ibra and Reagan loved him!

Damba being baptized


Kateregga Vincent

Kateregga Vincent

We brought two more boys into our home a week ago. Two sweet boys named Solomon and Reagan.  Their first night in the home we had a "welcome home" party, complete with riddles and a strawberry cake with bight blue frosting and sprinkles.  

The next Sunday in church  our two new boys Solomon, Reagan, and Damba Paul all went forward to give their hearts and lives to Christ. Afterwards, 6 of our new boys decided to become baptized (most of the older boys were baptized last year).

As people were standing outside waiting for the tub to fill and the baptisms to begin, little Ibra stripped down to nothing but a t-shirt and got in line. We pulled him aside and asked him if he knew what it meant to be baptized, "Oh yes!" he said seriously "I am showing everyone that my sins are washed clean by Christ and that he is my Savior and that I am a Christian!" we gave him a hug, and watched as he ran back to his place.

I am so proud of our boys, I know that as much as we are rejoicing that they are home, angels in heaven are celebrating that they are giving their hearts to Him!

Sometimes things here can be hard and break my heart, but at other times, the joy inside it makes it feel like it is going to burst! 


  1. Beautiful pics and story! Thank you, Jesus!

  2. So happy to see the pictures of the boys and my"heart boy" Umaru! Thank You Jesus for the boys giving their hearts to you! Also Thank You David, Abi,and staff for all you do for these boys! Janet

  3. Absolutely Awesome! Praise God. Praying both of you, uncles and the boys

  4. This is awesome! I'm 99.9% sure that Reagan is the same boy I met in December, although I knew him by a different name, honestly I had a hard time understanding him so I just went with what I thought I heard! lol

    If he is the same boy, let him know that his friend Holly from America loves him! We would play together on Buganda field on Buganda road together. I remember his terribly ripped pants he had...thankfully we were able to give him a pair of shorts from our things we collected from friends back home. I am so glad that he is in a home now! Thank you for what you do! :D