Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Street Programs

Our street programs are continuing to go well, we have more young children (under 11) then we have ever had before! I thought it would be good to interview two of the kids from the programs as well as Uncle Abbey, who helps to run our programs to hear from others how our street programs are going! Love you all!

Kyembadde Isma

Kyembadde Isma, 10 years

"When I came here I huffed drugs and I didn’t know God or how to respect other people. When I came here I started to listen to the aunties and uncles and to respect my elders. The uncles give out clothing and I used to be so dirty. Now I look good.  I used to have a hard time finding food to eat. We would go around Kampala looking for leftovers. Here we get good food to eat. We never had a heart for each other and we used to fight all of the time. These programs have taught us to love each other and to go out and help each other more. These programs have really helped us. From these programs I have learned to respect people and to not fight. I used to be in Kisenyi and I would always be doing drugs. I could never concentrate on anything because I was always doing drugs and high. These programs have made me able to sit, listen and learn. I have learned about God and now I trust Him in my life."

Mukisa David

Mukisa David, 12 years

"On the streets its hard to eat, but here we get food. We also get clothing here. When we get clothing we look like normal people again. We also get soap and bathe to get clean. The aunties and uncles teach us to leave drugs and we have other classes. Some of the kids improve their talents from the programs and we get medical treatment. Thank you for what you have done for us. At the beginning of being on the streets I was in Kisenyi, but I was told to do drugs there. However, here I have learned to stop doing drugs. Because of these programs I can keep myself clean. There are many kids here who have stopped doing drugs because of the programs. The devotions are also good to teach us about God. These programs have changed my behaviors. I would like to say, May God bless you!"

David and Isma

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