Thursday, March 22, 2012

Street Children Prayer Requests

Yesterday in the programs we shared with the boys that there were many people in America that cared about them and that are praying for them and that every Wed we were going to take prayer requests from the boys. Since it was the first time taking them, the boys did not give the most personal requests but the things that they wanted most (to get off of the streets and to find a better life for themselves)

All of the boys asked if we could pray for them that they can get off of the street and into a good place.

Kawuki Mathias and 25 other boys are asking that we pray that they are able to go back to school.

Enoch Wabulembo, Kabeka Ronald, and Mukisa David and 50 others asked that we pray for them that they will be able to get off of the streets and have a good job such as a pilot, singer or doctor so that they can get off of the street and make an income for themselves and their family.

Mukisa David had a prayer request that one day he could play on a children's sports team along with 8 other children. 

Subuga George and 10 other children asked that we pray that God can make it possible for them to go home to live peacefully with their families, and we are talking with all of those kids to see how possible they think it is. One boy, Bogere was successfully resettled today as well in Eastern Uganda from our programs. 

Thank you all for all of your prayers!

God bless

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