Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Update on Moses

Thank you so much everyone for praying!

David left early this morning with Moses to go to the police station by his home and to get custody of him. However, it ended up that David got to also meet with Moses' father as well.

David found Moses' father in their town working at a taxi park. When David told him who he was Moses' father began saying how Moses had no father because he rejected him as his son, and if he ever came back home he would simply buy him roasted meat, poison it, give him a soda and bury his dead body in the evening behind their house. He continued ranting and raving about his children that he hates and how he can do anything and everything that he wants. He told David that he didn't care what he did with Moses because he wanted nothing to do with him.  He said a lot more, but in all of it, he never refused David from taking the child. (Poor David, it's not easy fighting these battles when it's over a child, when David came to tell me he looked so sad, I know it was hard for him). David then went to the police station where the police there knew his father, and all that he did. They told David it was definitely in the best interest of the child that we take him far, far away.

David brought Moses back to Kampala and we officially invited him into our family. I encouraged him telling him that God wanted him to be home with us and that he now has a forever home and more importantly a forever family where he is loved and safe. He smiled and smiled happily.

The crazy thing is that through all of it, through everything that Moses has gone through and seen and experienced, he is still a sweet child, soft and kind who loves Jesus with all of his heart.

I am sooooo happy to have Moses home with us where he can be safe and loved and not controlled by such an evil man, God definitely fought our battles for us today because it was WAYYYYY easier than it should have been to bring that precious child home


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  1. I am so very happy to see the picture of Moses and know that he is in your home!Thank You Abi, David,and staff for what you do! Janet